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Working conditions in court

According to the Law of Ukraine “On Civil Service” (hereinafter - the Law) entry into the civil service is made by appointment of a citizen of Ukraine to a position of a civil service according to the results of the competition.

The competition is carried out in accordance with the Procedure for the competition for public service positions, the Regulations on conducting competitions for the appointment of civil servants in the courts, bodies and institutions of the justice system, taking into account the level of professional competence, personal qualities and achievements of candidates for the vacant position.


The person wishing to participate in the competition submits the following information to the competition commission:

1) the application for participation in the competition, stating the main reasons for taking the post in the form;

2) CV as in the form in Annex 2, which must include the following information:

• surname, name of the candidate;

 requisites of a document certifying the identity and validation of Ukrainian citizenship;

 confirmation of the existence of an appropriate degree of higher education;

  confirmation of the level of fluency in the state language;

  information on work experience, civil service experience (if any), work experience in relevant positions;

3) a statement stating that the prohibitions (annex 3) specified in part three or four of Article 1 of the Law of Ukraine “On Lustration” gives consent to the verification and disclosure of information concerning it in accordance with the Law; 


A person who has expressed a desire to participate in the competition may submit additional information confirming compliance with the established requirements, in particular regarding previous test results, work experience, professional competences, reputation (characteristics, recommendations, scientific publications, etc.).

The electronic documents submitted for participation in the competition are subject to a qualified electronic signature of the candidate. 


Information for people with disabilities

Person with a disability who wish to participate in the competition and need a reasonable accommodation to do so shall submit the appropriate application in the prescribed form.

For more information on the competition for vacant civil service positions at the Sixth ACA, call +38 (044) 254-20-67.

The website of the National Agency for Civil Service posted an explanation "On the change in the procedure for conducting a vacancy for civil servants since September 26, 2019".

Please note that in accordance with Article 25 of the Law of Ukraine “On Civil Service”, a person wishing to participate in the competition is personally responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.

For more information on the competition for public service positions please click here.

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