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Public information

The procedure

Written request

Electronic filing of request  


The procedure for filing and consideration of a request

The Law of Ukraine “On Access to Public Information” defines the procedure for exercising and securing the right of everyone to access information held by the authorities, other providers of public information defined by this Law, and information of public interest. Public information is the information displayed and documented by any means and on any media that has been received or created in the course of the performance by the subjects of power of their duties, provided by the current legislation, or which is in the possession of the subjects of the power. powers, other stewards of public information specified by this Law.

A citizen has the right to contact the information manager with a request for information, regardless of whether the information relates to him personally or not, without explaining the reason for the request.

A request may be submitted in verbal, written or other forms (by mail, fax, telephone, e-mail) as may be chosen by an applicant. A written request is submitted in a free form and must contain: requestor`s name, postal address or e-mail address, telephone number; general description of the information or type, name, details, signature and date.

A request on provision of public information:

• is sent by post to the court: 8 Moskovs’ka St., block 30, Kyiv, 01010

• by fax, tel: (044) 254 -21- 99

• is submitted directly to the Information Center, which is located at the address: 8 Moskovs’ka, St., block 30, entrance No. 1, Kyiv, 01010, personally or through a person authorized by him/her whose powers are confirmed in accordance with the law

• can be sent to the court`s e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by filling out the electronic form at the court website. 

A response to a request for information must be given no later than 5 working days from the date of its receipt. The term can be extended to 20 business days.

A person responsible for ensuring access to public information - Oleksandr Orlov, Chief Specialist of Legal Affairs Department of the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal, tel. (044) 254 -21-99.

Admission schedule for access to public information.

The procedure for appealing against decisions of the information, action or omission manager.


Written request

Form of written request for public information - download


Electronic filing of request 

The form of an electronic request for public information - follow the link

Call to the court   • 044 254 21 99 • 097 517 67 65  •