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Courthouse entry

Requirements for entry

Phone usage policy

Photo and videotaping


Requirements for entry

What documents do you need to take?
• an identification document (personal national identity document or foriegn passport, official ID, driver's license or pension certificate, etc.);

journalists, media members are permitted to enter after showing an identity certificate of media member.

How a courthouse entry is executed?

visitors’ entering the administrative building is carried out during working hours in accordance with the work schedule of the court (visitors’ pass in other time is carried out with the permission of the court administration);

an availability of objects which are prohibited by the rules of the current legislation and Regulation on the organization of access control in the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal, is checked with the help of special technical equipment;

individuals information are entered to the visitors' record book by the Court Security Service.

Who can be present in the courtroom?

persons who participate in court hearings as parties in legal proceedings, representatives, third parties;

persons who want to be present at open court hearings as listeners, as well as representatives of media;

persons who attend personal reception of the chief of the court, his/her deputies and the chief of staff according to a schedule of citizens’ reception;

medical staff of the first medical aid, fire and emergency services workers, after entering information into the visitors’ logs and accompanied by the initiator of the call.

Access to the court is not allowed to persons:

 who distribute products for advertising purposes;

 with alcohol, narcotic or other intoxication;

 who bear any cold arms (piercing, cutting or rubbing objects) and firearms, any types of gas spray guns (pistols, pepper spray canisters, etc.), traumatic weapon, toy weapon, explosive materials, alcohol, narcotic substance, except cases provided by the legislation of Ukraine and Regulation;

 with animals (except guide dogs which lead a blind person);

 with any objects, the size of which exceeds 45x35x15 cm (except wheelchairs, briefcases, folders for paper and ladies' bags).

Consequences of violations of public order in the courtroom

In case of a visitor’s violation of public order or requirements of the Regulation, Court bailiffs service, by order of the chief of the court, its representatives, judges, court staff manager, shall draw up a protocol on administrative offence provided for in art. 185-3 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses. 


Phone usage policy

Mobile phone using and entering the courtrooms with a sound on mode are forbidden. 


Photo and videotaping

Photo and filming, television, video, sound recording with the use of fixed equipment in the courtroom, as well as broadcasting of the court hearing on radio and television are allowed on authority of a court order with the agreement of the people who involved in the case, except those who are representatives of public body.

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